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Paris photo giveaway no.10

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted around here, let alone had a photo giveaway. Here’s to a great year ahead and kickstarting my late start into 2014 with a new image, this time […]

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Paris photo giveaway no.9

I apologise. B-I-G time.  I am so,  so late with the monthly giveaway no.9!! I was tempted to include no.10 together in this post as it’s already decided and ready to go, but on reflection, […]

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Diner en Blanc and the 8th monthly giveaway image

  Having been lucky enough to enjoy the world’s largest dinner party for the third time in June, I wasn’t sure any other Diner en Blanc experience would come close to that of this year’s […]

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Paris photo giveaway no.7

I’ve hummed and hawed, hummed and hawed some more….shuffled albums…..gone back to old images, ….come back to 2013 images and still couldn’t make up my mind. I was almost ready to hit the publish button […]

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Paris Photo – June image giveaway

I’m running late on so many things at the moment. I really want to tell you why, but I have to wait just a little longer. 🙁 I know!!!  I’m excited….and I truly want to […]

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Paris photo – May giveaway

Time has flown by and I’m late with the May photo. Having previously posted this image on Facebook where it had positive feedback, there were some queries as to whether it might have been the […]

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Paris and the Tour Eiffel at blue hour – April photo giveaway

After a period of indecision about the image for April, I was looking through overflowing folders when I came across this one, thus deciding it was *the* photo. If you’ve been following for a while, […]

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Paris photo – March giveaway

2013 is flying by and following on from January and February, it’s already time for the March photo giveaway. On a clear day in Paris, there is a window of time at sunset when the […]

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Pont Neuf Paris – February photo giveaway

It’s time for the February giveaway. After all the snow that recently fell, the melting has caused the Seine to burst the banks, literally.  With little to no boat traffic and racing currents, it makes […]

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UPDATE: January is now closed, stay tuned for February Paris photo giveaway

UPDATE: Please note the January Giveaway is closed as of January 27th. Stay tuned for February. I’ve decided to have a giveaway, only I’m going to vamp it up somewhat. Whenever I’ve run a giveaway […]

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