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Humanitarian Crisis in France – life three hours north of Paris

In a cold, mud ridden field on the edge of the community of Grande Synthe in northern France, is a scene far from the picturesque and romantic photos that typically portray life in a country […]

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Happy Christmas from Paris

Last Christmas I was thrilled to take photos at the Plaza Athénée hotel in Paris with my children once the hotel’s beautiful Christmas tree went up and the ice skating rink was ready to try. […]

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Giveaway from the new France Unframed print shop

It’s been forever since I posted anything here, and I’ve been somewhat quiet all round on social media of late. Instead, I’ve been pursuing personal projects. Whilst they involve photography, they are things that have […]

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Château Vaux le Vicomte – Paris

You know that old saying, the one about how times flies when you’re having fun? Well, that’s what has been going on around here… time has been flying by. So much has zipped by in […]

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All you need is Paris….. springtime romance in the City of Love

This time last year, we were about to be covered in inches of snow. But something crazy is in the air. The birds have returned early from their migration south, the blossoms are popping weeks […]

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Paris photo giveaway no.10

It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted around here, let alone had a photo giveaway. Here’s to a great year ahead and kickstarting my late start into 2014 with a new image, this time […]

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Ready, set… let’s Embrace Paris

Empower * Brainstorm * Collaborate * Engage * Social Media For the past few months, the cyber space waves between Paris and Toronto have been quietly yet actively working into the early hours of the […]

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Paris photo giveaway no.9

I apologise. B-I-G time.  I am so,  so late with the monthly giveaway no.9!! I was tempted to include no.10 together in this post as it’s already decided and ready to go, but on reflection, […]

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Tommy Hilfiger Paris and the Dailey Method team up for a good cause

One thing you may well have noticed around these parts is I rarely post shots that include people. There are multiple reasons, but those at the top of the list include 1) French privacy laws […]

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Paris photo giveaway no.7

I’ve hummed and hawed, hummed and hawed some more….shuffled albums…..gone back to old images, ….come back to 2013 images and still couldn’t make up my mind. I was almost ready to hit the publish button […]

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