Hi, I'm Carina, an Australian living in France since 2001. Before France, the Canary Islands were home, and before that, a sunny seaside resort in southern Portugal. I wasn't the girl who gushed about living in France, actually I was quite the opposite, I dragged my heals through the black volcanic sand on the beaches in Tenerife and cried my heart out about moving to a new land. I loved Spain ... but I never knew how much I would love France. Life has changed a lot since those early days when I first moved to France, and like anywhere in the world, there are challenges. But once France gets under your skin, you know there is no place you ever want to be. 

I love that I live in a world filled with crunchy warm baguettes and salted butter - everyone should make a trip to the City of Light to people watch from a Parisian café at least one in their lifetime, if not more.

Prior to Europe, I had a previous life in newspapers and magazines. Marie Claire Australia, MODE (now Harper's Bazaar), along with other wonderful titles that haven't survived the new world of media. Arriving in Europe on a spouse visa all those years ago, I wasn't granted permission to earn an income so turned to photography and mountain hiking for passion. Together they nurtured and nourished me, becoming a joyful obsession.

Living near Paris, I have private clients in Europe and my work has appeared on The Paris Apartment, Broadsheet Australia, Global Traveller Magazine, Condé Naste, Société Perrier, Bonjour Paris, the award winning Aer Lingus inflight magazine, Cara.

When I'm not capturing the allure, charm, beauty and magic that is France, you will find me stumbling over my children’s French homework, hiking toward mountain tops, or seeking out a decent cup of coffee in a quaint corner of Paris.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing Paris through my lens.